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Looking for a place to call home?​
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The Real Estate Journey

We fully appreciate the dilemma you may be in and we're here to walk with you until you find what you want and need - a win-win outcome for you! Of course, You can also view properties on our blog to get some insights.

The best way for us to help you find what you need and want is to understand you and your situation better. We never assume we know you or your requirements without an in-depth conversation. This is the critical first step. Without this first step, we would be walking in the dark with our hands tied. 

Our half-hour consultation is free and aims to uncover the true picture of the home you require, your financial comfort zone and the methods we use to work towards a successful outcome, all within your required timeline. You are important to us and we aim for a win-win outcome always.

Benefits of Real Estate Experience

The 5 benefits of face-to-face free consulting with an experienced property consultant in Kenya, apart from the ones mentioned above are;

  1. You get to elaborate your requirements in-depth, seeing your goal with crystal clear clarity instead of trying to explain it over the phone. You can extend your appointment time if and when required still at no cost!

  2. You also get to interact directly with your agent to fine-tune your goal and work as an effective team assuring a win-win outcome for you.

  3. You get an experienced and dedicated agent working exclusively with you through your various options and possibilities to get the most suitable deal for you.

  4. Your agent helps you negotiate the best deal through sellers, landlords or other agents and walks with you through the whole process until the successful conclusion.

  5. You go through this value-addition process in a hassle-free and stress-free manner with peace of mind for you.

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