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First time home renter? or Experienced at investing in real estate in Kenya?


Investing your hard-earned income? Want a win-win outcome?

To fully understand your needs and requirements through a face-to-face or online appointment assures you your WIN-WIN outcome.


Click the highlighted area to get pictures and details about the properties featured here.

Homes for Rent - Need to Move Soon?

Wherever you choose to stay, you must be as comfortable as you would in your own home in terms of comfort aesthetics of the home as well as ease of paying rent. The main idea is to live conveniently in such a way that you can easily manage all your responsibilities and obligations in a hassle-free manner. This is not a balance that should ever be taken for granted. Some homes available for immediate rent are;

  • Apartments - Nairobi satellites: Ruaka 3 bdrm/ Thindigua 3 bdrm / Mwiki (1 & 2 bdr) / Makadara (1 bdr)

  • Villas - Nairobi city: Kitisuru 4 bdrm (250k)


Offices for Lease - Need some Space to Work?

Productivity is directly related to the conduciveness of the work atmosphere. This is because in our modern evolving world the more creative a person becomes at solving their clients' challenges, the more value they add all around. This means that office space on top of being an affordable investment must also encourage the creative juices of all those working there. Some office spaces to check out are; 

Commercial Land for Lease - Need a Spread to Farm?

Kenya is an agricultural country and shall remain so for the foreseeable future. This means that with the increasing population more food is required to keep the growing populace healthy and productive. After all, we eat to live so that we can live to eat another day. Agricultural land for lease is ; 

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