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First time home buyer? or Experienced at investing in real estate in Kenya?


Investing your hard-earned income? Want a win-win outcome?

To fully understand your needs and requirements through a face-to-face or online appointment assures you your WIN-WIN outcome.


Click the highlighted area to get pictures and details about the properties featured here.

Homes for Sale - Looking to Move Soon?

If you don't have the time to closely supervise the building of your home from scratch, the best way would be to buy a ready-made home which you can move into right away. However, if you are still making up your mind then get more pointers here. Depending on your budget, personal preferences and time frame, among other requirements, below are some ready-made homes to start you off ;

  • Apartments - Nairobi satellites: Karuri 2 bdrm (8.5m) / Karuri 3 bdrm (9.5m) / Rongai 3 bdrm (6.5m and 7.5m).

  • Apartments - Nairobi city: Kileleshwa 3 bdrm (20m)

  • Bungalows - Nairobi satellites: Kitengela 3 bdrm (7.5m)



Residential Land for Sale - Looking to Move Later?

If you have more time, can handle the added workload and wish to have greater control over the outcome of your home then building it from scratch can be a good fit for you. However, if still undecided about whether to buy or build, get some ideas here. Depending on where you want to build your home, your desired acreage  and your financial comfort zone, among other requirements, here are different residential spreads for you to look at;

Investment Land for Sale - Looking for Retirement Income?

Ask me about investment land in Tigoni (3.5m), Elementaita (11.5m), Kitengela (25m), Thindigua (70m), Muchatha (120m), Embu (36m), Ngong road (1.2bn), Shauri Moyo (1.2bn) and other places.

Commercial Properties for Sale - Growing your Net Worth?

The more assets you accumulate, the higher your net worth and the lower the chances of going bankrupt. This is because assets generate income which can be used to solve many financial issues that arise from time to time in our volatile market. This means that the cost of buying an asset should be viewed against the short and long term income potential it can generate. Some assets currently in the market are;

  • Nairobi city - Ngara (350m) / Nairobi West (180m) / Shauri Moyo (200m)


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