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Sometimes plans don't go as expected. We fully understand that in a changing world the best-laid plans can go awry. This, however, does not mean a project once started cannot be completed successfully.....sometimes even better than planned. 

To fully understand your needs and requirements through a face-to-face or online appointment assures you your WIN-WIN outcome.


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Ongoing Homes for Sale - Moving on a Budget?

One of the main advantages of buying an ongoing property is that it is more affordable than its finished version. Moreover, once the price is determined and payments are made as required, it cannot be changed. This can be a good option for someone looking for a comfortable affordable home and is ready work within the property developers timeframe or if not, complete it with their resources as per their own preferences where applicable;

  • Maisonettes - Nairobi satellites:  Karuri 4 bedroom (15m)


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