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2 Acres Land For Sale at Lake Elementaita

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This property (Kshs 11.5m) is excellent for a developer who wishes to invest in a scenic unique recreational facility along the shores of Lake Elementaita.

Have you been thinking of expanding your investment in the hospitality business? Creating an unforgettable experience for your customers? Offering 100% stress-free rest and recreation close to mother nature using the peace-inducing healing presence of Lake Elementaita?

This 2-acre spread on the second row with a clear view of the scenic serene Lake Elementaita is the perfect location to develop a tented camping site for the Out-of-Africa experience. Furthermore, with the added benefit of the enticing nearness of the lake, creating memorable boating experiences to further explore Lake Elementaita's other hidden beauties can be something to set this experience in a class of its own.

With an expanse of 2 acres, only the imagination can limit the possibilities that are viable and profitable for an investor with an eye for creating unforgettable customer experiences that keep bringing them back for more. Moreover, with the growing need for resorts that provide unique, exciting, exotic and stress-relieving holiday packages, this 2-acre spread can be transformed into a true Eden on earth.

Call Us Now to Recreate the Eden Experience at Lake Elementaita!

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