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2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Karuri

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This apartment is ideal for single or double income growing families and also young single professionals.

Working within Kiambu environs? Looking for a private safe place for your family that is close to the town area? Looking for an affordable investment property to boost your passive income?

This 2 bedroom apartment (Kshs 8.5m) located within a secure gated community in Karuri can be the perfect asset to serve 2 tangible purposes depending on your personal circumstances.

It can serve as an affordable family home for those who want out of the rent game quickly. This home has a spacious living area, a neat kitchen with its separate laundry section, a small store, 2 bedrooms with inbuilt closets conveniently fitted with sliding doors, 1 common bathroom and 2 toilets. The large windows ensure plenty of natural light and ventilation. Each home has 2 dedicated carports. With elevator service to make access even more convenient, this snug apartment can easily become home to a growing family.

It can also serve as an investment property for Kshs 8,500,000. With a rental income of Kshs 35,000 and Kshs 3,000 service charge (for security, garbage, cleaning of common areas and water supply), this apartment is very affordable over a wider market segment and this increases its overall appeal. Furthermore, the rental income can help mitigate the home financing payments.

The 3 bedroom apartments are selling for Kshs 9,500,000 only. They would fetch a rental income of Kshs 42,000 with Kshs 3,000 service charge.

These are properties that can be invested via a buy-to-rent or buy-to-live arrangement.

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