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All Ensuite 3 Bedroom ( plus dsq) Apartment for sale in Kileleshwa

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This all-ensuite 3 bedrooms plus DSQ apartment in Kileleshwa offers both privacy and prestige for double-income families.

If you have ever wanted to enjoy Kileleshwa's classy ambience and experience the ease of commuting in and around Nairobi in a quick easy manner, this is it. Have a growing family with school-going kids and want them commuting from some of the best schools in Nairobi, living in Kileleshwa makes this conveniently possible.

Nested within Kileleshwa's gated communities, this serene apartment block provides ample underground parking and hosts only 2 homeowners per floor. This ensures more privacy for each. Furthermore, this particular apartment can be easily accessed using an inbuilt lift and is further reinforced by burglar proofing encompassing its 2 entrance doorways i.e. the main door and the DSQ door (can also be considered as the 4th ensuite bedroom). On entering, one immediately notices plenty of natural sunlight filtering through the living room balcony. Additionally, there is an additional washroom facility near the main entrance.

The very spacious kitchen includes a many-shelved pantry. Furthermore, it conveniently opens out into the back veranda which is also the laundry area. Incidentally, the DSQ can be accessed from this laundry area. This means that, for those who want to monitor all house residents, the outer DSQ door can be locked and the DSQ resident can access their quarters through the main door. With that arrangement, this beautiful apartment acquires its 4th ensuite bedroom to add to its inbuilt privacy.

The other 3 all ensuite bedrooms are very well compensated with natural sunlight, stylish built-in wardrobes and chic washroom facilities. In addition, the master ensuite has its own large bathtub.

With a double income, acquiring this home becomes very possible. You can also rent it at only Kshs 120, 000 per month (inc. service charge).

Call us Now If You Want Privacy and Prestige for your Home!

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