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4 Bedroom (plus dsq) Furnished Villa for short-term Rent on Kiambu Road

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Looking for a hassle-free, adaptable and furnished rental living arrangement that is conveniently located within Nairobi metropolis?

This modern and elegantly furnished maisonette located within the Kiambu road community can be the ideal solution for you.

The privacy afforded by this maisonette situated at a snug corner, together with its spacious lawn, is a very big plus for anyone who values their downtime away from the hustle and bustle of daily working life. Moreover, the expansive lawn is fitted with an inviting area where the family can erect a private pergola to have their meals outdoors when they want to enjoy the manifold benefits of our fine tropical weather.

The main entrance is securely and artfully fitted with burglar proofing that enhances its aesthetic appeal. Walking into the foyer one gets a good glimpse of the ground floor's beautiful layout that covers the roomy dining and living area which opens out through a wide balcony into the green carpet of the backyard. The ground floor also includes a bedroom with its toilet and bath facilities that can be used as house-help quarters. Furthermore, the kitchen opens out into the lawn through its attached laundry facility.

The upper floors are fitted with 3 sizable bedrooms with the master being ensuite. Furthermore, right in the corner is a handy ironing station that ensures that its residents come downstairs looking and feeling their very best. To move into this furnished house requires the minimum of fuss because all the necessities are already in place and very stylishly finished.

Call us Today if you See Yourself Living Here in the Near Future!

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