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Seven ½ Acre Plots For Sale in Kitengela Milimani

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

These residential plots are ideal for single or double income families who want an affordable piece of land to build their family home in Kitengela.

They are also perfect for a developer who wishes to invest in a secure gated community.

These 7 land parcels each retailing at Kshs 5.5m negotiable and located in a growing and developed residential area, can be an ideal housing investment.

Located only 4.6km from Kitengela-Isinya main road and along old Kajiado road, these 7 land parcels of a ½ acre each sit adjacent to each other in a developed residential community within the Milimani area. This means that water and electricity facilitation are within easy reach for those wanting to develop their acreage. Moreover, each of the seven ½ acre land parcels has its own title. Located in a growing residential area, they are ideal for development as a secure, private gated community, stand-alone maisonettes or even townhouses.

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