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Half Acre Residential Plot for sale in Loresho

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This half acre residential land located in a well-developed neighbourhood is a perfect investment property (Kshs 32m) for a double income household because it provides the safety, privacy and prestige needed by a family.

Do you need a place to settle your family? A place in a well known and preferred residential area offering privacy and security? This half-acre residential plot in Loresho is the perfect property to build your family's home.

Situated in a very well developed residential area and protected by a high boundary wall on all sides, this property stands ready for immediate development. Furthermore, the tarmacked road reaches upto 100 metres of the plot and it is accessible from Waiyaki way from 2 main entry/exit points. This means that commuting should not be a challenge because Waiyaki way is currently undergoing a transformation that shall make it twice its former size and consequently a hassle-free commute.

Situated in close proximity to some of Kenya's best private schools, any growing family would be able to assure the education of their members. Moreover, access to other amenities like hospitals, law enforcement, entertainment venues is all within the neighbourhood. This is an excellent choice for any growing family.

Call Us Now If You Want the Safety and Privacy offered by Loresho!

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