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¼ Acre Residential Plot for Sale in Membley, Nairobi

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

These controlled development residential plots are ideal for a single or double income family who wish to invest in land for building a family home in a fast-growing middle-class suburban residential neighbourhood.

This land is located in a well developed and secure residential neighbourhood and is ready for immediate development. Each quarter-acre being ideal for a single-user dwelling, it is spacious enough to build a large family home with an ample compound including a garden, parking and play area for young ones.

Located within Nairobi's vast metropolitan Membley area these adjacent ¼ acres plots are available for purchase as individual ¼ acre plots each retailing at Kshs 10,000,000 per ¼ acre negotiable. Being part of Nairobi metropolitan, they can be quickly added to the national grid for power and water supply. Furthermore, other local conveniences, for example, shops, schools and churches are all within walking distance. Moreover, the plots are located inside one of Membley's gated and secure residential courts. This means that, for growing families with young and vulnerable members, a serene, conducive, protected and enabling environment is provided around the clock.

Access to these Membley plots is fast and smooth since they are located within a network of interlocking highways i.e Thika Superhighway, Northern and Eastern bypass. They sit about 300 metres from the main road and can easily be reached using an all-weather murram road. These plots are ideal for building a cosy spacious family home in the heart of Membley.

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