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Two ¼ Acre Residential Plots For Sale in Isinya

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

These twin quarter acre residential plots in Isinya are ideal for a single or double income family or a professional looking for affordable land for housing in Isinya or even land for speculation purposes.

Located in a developing residential area within Kaputei North, these ¼ acre land parcels are about 1 km from Kitengela-Isinya main road. They are ideal for the building of a first home or even an additional home for rest and recreation away from the hubbub of urban living. These 2 adjacent residential plots are located in a very quiet and developing residential area already serviced by electricity and borehole facilitation. This means that they can be purchased as single ¼ acre residential plots or as a full ½ acre residential property for further development. Moreover, these two ¼ acre plots can also be a good way to begin your journey in land acquisition for future speculation.

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