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Residential ¼ Acre Plots for Sale in Thika

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

These quarter acre residential plots (Kshs 5.5m) are ideal for single or double income families looking for affordable residential land within a secure gated community with tangible value addition.

This community has a vast golf resort and gated community situated in the green undulating red soil landscape of Thika municipality. Apart from owning land to build a home within its secure environs, it has additional business and personal opportunities within its network because of the added benefits of living in its fold such as;

+ its flourishing community comprising 4000 homes estimating at about 20,000 residents.

+ its 18-hole golf course providing both the pro and the amateur golfer a good gaming challenge in a backdrop of spectacular views.

+ its golf villas designed to make your holiday experience unforgettable.

+ its planned community centre with more opportunities to socialize through various outdoor and indoor recreations.

+ its planned retirement village for 100 senior citizens of not less than 55 years.

+ its planned private school for convenient intensive learning for the residents' growing members.

+ its planned private hospital equipped with the best facilities to provide exceptional 24/7 medical care.

and so much more.

In short, your investment of only Kshs 5.5m shall go the extra mile for you!

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